Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy: This is a historic victory, we turn sceptics into our supporters!

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Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy: This is a historic victory, we turn sceptics into our supporters!

FC «Ruh» (Lviv) U-19 defeated Inter Milan in a series of post-match penalties and advanced to the 1/8 of the UEFA Youth League. The main time ended in a 1:1 draw, but the Lviv team was stronger in the penalty series- 4:3.

Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy, the most ardent supporter and founder of the «Ruh» football club, looked like the happiest person in the world after the victory, he emotionally and sincerely commented on this success.

-After such a victory, the heart starts beating faster. I want to thank the guys. And that is considering the staffing problems that the team has faced, three main football players actually dropped out. It was difficult, but the guys had fire in them, they fought like Cossacks. For the honour of the club, for the honour of the country. I think that such a team, such guys have a future. Such footballers will truly glorify our country. I am proud of them, for the character that our team showed, – Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy specifically noted.

Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy also added: «This game and the result is also an answer to those sceptics who doubted our entry into the UEFA Youth League and were sceptical about the results. I am proud that we did not let those who believed in us down. And also for the fact that we have now turned sceptics who did not believe in us into our sympathizers».

FC «Ruh» (Lviv) U-19

«Really, for us, it’s like a dream. And this dream continues. I have told the guys in the locker room: I thank God and I pray to God that we will not wake up for a long time. I think that this dream will continue. And not only this year, but also in the future. Because our Academy, the children that we raise, really have a future. This fanaticism, this faith in our Ukrainian boys is passed on to football players», – stated a well-known Lviv businessman and philanthropist.

Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy emphasized: «You saw that 12 national teams of different European countries played in «Inter». These are gathered football players – from Ireland, Serbia, Croatia, France, and other countries. And we have our native Ukrainian children who become real football players in such matches. I am actually proud of our Ukrainian football! Despite all the problems, for the war that is going on in our country, it lives and fights».

«Inter»- is the most famous opponent that «Ruh» has faced in its entire history. But the football players of the Lviv team showed character and managed to win in a dramatic match.

FC «Ruh» (Lviv) U-19

UEFA Youth League. 1/16 final

February 8, 2023. Stalowa Wola, Poland.

«Ruh» U-19 (Lviv, Ukraine)- «Inter» U-19 (Milan, Italy)- 1:1

(1:0) – penalties 4:3

Goals: Panchenko, 30 – Esposito 52

Warnings: Kholod, 56; Rusiak, 80; Pidhurskyi, 90; Sapuha, 90+3

«Ruh» U-19: Hereta (Vanivskyi, 90+2), Roman, Kholod, Slyubik, Kitela, Pidgurskyi (captain), Sapuha, Stolyarchuk, Dobryanskyi (Kasarda, 68), Rusyak, Panchenko (Kvas, 81).