HRYHORIY KOZLOVSKYY: “This is an epochal day for our club”

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HRYHORIY KOZLOVSKYY: “This is an epochal day for our club”

Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy, President of “Ruh”, made a comment on the victory of the U-19 team over “Kolos” U-19 (3:0) in the Ukrainian championship among junior teams, which allowed the Lviv team to get ahead of “Dynamo” U-19 and “Shakhtar” U-19.

The final first place in the standings ensured the Lviv team in the UEFA Youth League for the next season.

This is a historic and epochal day for our club. A few years ago we could not even dream about such results. Winning the championship of Ukraine and the opportunity to participate in the UEFA Youth League is a great experience for the guys. They deserve it with their game and their work.

I can compare this joy with our first regional championship. That was the first time we won something. Now it’s another level.

These players are the future of our country. I dream that the national team of Ukraine will have eleven players from our academy. We will move towards this goal step by step.

Our youngest players often go to international tournaments. They have already beaten PSG, PSV, Porto. It does not matter for them who they play against.

I would like to thank the UAF, President of “Ingulets” Oleksandr Povoroznyuk, the owner of “Kolos” Andriy Zasusi, and all the clubs who voted for our offer to play the remaining matches of the championship.

Special gratitude to Ihor Surkis, “Dynamo” president, who supported us. He understood how important it was. “Dynamo” could become the champion, but we have played three games less. It would have been unfair. We won in a wrestling match. Yes, there is a war in Ukraine and many people have no time for soccer. But the players should not be in it and we could not take away their chance and their dream.

Now three Ukrainian teams can play in the UEFA Youth League next season. I want this very much. I will root for “Dynamo” and “Shakhtar”. Let the two Ukrainian teams meet in the finals. It is a dream, but to make it come true, you need to work a lot. So said the late Lobanovsky”, – said Kozlovskyy

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