Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy and FC “Ruh” handed over “Poseidons” to the artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy and FC “Ruh” handed over “Poseidons” to the artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Football club “Ruh” and its founder Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy once again joined in helping the 45th Separate Artillery Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This time 8 unmanned surveillance drones “Poseidon” were handed over for its needs.

Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy, a well-known Lviv philanthropist and businessman, who together with his family and football players, has repeatedly helped the Armed Forces of Ukraine and forced migrants, especially noted: “We are not stopping at this! We must do our best to help our defenders on the front line, together with them and thanks to them, to forge our victory over the hated orcs! The victory will be ours!”.

Hence the general director of FC “Ruh” Ihor Dedyshyn emphasized: “We continue to work for the benefit of the Ukrainian army, to support it. As we announced, this is thorough and systematic work that will continue until our complete Victory. No matter how much effort, resources, money it costs, the main goal is our Victory.  The football club “Ruh” and its founder Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy will see it through to the end to celebrate this victory together with our Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are very pleased that we once again joined this important support.”

The Poseidon drones are equipped with two 40x zoom cameras with secure communication channels, a vertical take-off and landing system, a high-wing monocoque airframe with an electric motor and thruster, and four fixed-mounted VTOL electric motors and propellers.

Безпілотні літальні апарати «Посейдон»

The range of “Poseidons” is 150 km, and the flight height is 4,000 m.

Call sign “DUZA”, a soldier of the 45th Separate Artillery Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “Poseidon is a very interesting complex. We expect great productivity from it and raising efficiency to a completely different level. It has an incredibly cool camera, and in general, many aspects of its operation during training brought out its best. He is expected to be able to bring a lot of soul-warming material on the tube. We will watch and hope that Russians will finally burn to the ground. “Poseidon” has a very powerful radio communication, which means that we can fly with it at very long distances, and this is a big plus, because previously there were not enough devices with such a range of operation. Therefore, I think that this will be a significant factor in order for us to be able to most effectively defeat the enemy at a distance, not only by adjustment, but also by doing additional surveillance of interesting targets in the enemy’s rear. This is also important.”

Безпілотник Посейдон

The “Poseidon” drone

According to military experts the “Poseidons” are among the most advanced and high-tech drones in their class. They do not leave a thermal trace, so they are invisible to radars and thermal imagers, and are also well protected against extreme conditions and obstacles. Once under the influence of the Russians’ electronic warfare equipment, the “Poseidons” continue to fly in a given direction and transmit a video signal, while simpler drones “jam”.

Ігор Дедишин і військовий з позивним "Дуза"

Ihor Dedyshyn: “We had waited a long time for these birds, thank God, that we received them, and we have a great opportunity to hand them over to our, one might say, patronaged 45th brigade. It’s actually extremely motivating when you see the eyes of the guys, who get the “Poseidons”, these operators, who are actually genuinely happy, because for them it’s a major reinforcement and support in their work at the front. I am sure that these birds will be bringing our Victory closer every day.”

The 45th Separate Artillery Brigade is a missile and artillery unit of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It was created in 2016 as a part of the Reserve Corps on the basis of the National Academy of Ground Forces named after Hetman Petro Sahaidachny. From the day of its creation, the brigade was stationed in the Yavoriv district of the Lviv region.

From the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the brigade heroically defended Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, and Kharkiv regions, and inflicted losses on the enemy in Donetsk, Luhansk, and Kherson regions. “45th” units took part in the Kharkiv offensive operation and the operation to liberate the Kherson region and the Mykolaiv region. For the displayed heroism and bravery, the military brigades were awarded state and departmental awards. On 6th December, the commander of the 45th Separate Artillery Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces received the Battle Flag from the hands of the President of Ukraine.

Call sign “DUZA”: “These birds will already be on the front line in the nearest bright future. We will not tell you about the specific date, but it will happen very quickly. We believe that Victory is ours! I believe that all caring Ukrainians make a great contribution to the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, help them. This is very important and inspires us. The fact that we are all united now is a significant moment for the overall Victory. Anyone who feels that they can somehow help the Armed Forces is already a hero. The Victory is definitely ours, we are not interested in anything else.”

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the “Ruh” football club and its founder Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy have been constantly helping the military. Previously, our defenders received trucks, drones, walkie-talkies, KUNGs, generators, tires and many more.