Happy New Year from Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy

Happy New Year from Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy

Dear Ukrainians!

We live with you in difficult times – a period of anxiety and struggle, at the turn of epochs, during the creation of a new great history of our people, our nation.

No matter what the barbarians from the Moscow swamps say, we fight, we live, we play football, and we win. We are moving in this direction in 2023 as well – with hopes for our successes in all areas and with unshakable faith in the primary Victory in the war.

I wish that the next year will bring precisely this Victory! But to get it closer, Ukrainians need courage, stability, patience, persistence, optimism, and confidence. Just everything that you and I already have. Therefore, we will definitely win!

I sincerely wish everyone good health and personal well-being in the New Year! Believe in yourself and in Ukraine! Happy New Year!