36Po Restaurant

36Po Restaurant

The restaurant is in full bloom, because more than five and a half thousand living plants have been planted in “36Po”.

This is a real floral paradise for which a special irrigation and watering system has been developed.

Cigar room “Mr. Poe”, which was named after the famous Marshal of the French Empire and a general of the Polish army, Jozef Poniatowski.

Why “Mr. Poe”? Because he was the one who liked to be called that in social gatherings.

To use the room, you need to buy a cigar from our selection.

On the top floor we have the highest terrace on Market Square overlooking the High Castle and the rooftops of the ancient Lviv.

The team “36Po” respects the love of the people for the native bread and restored the old Lviv traditions and the taste of real beer.

Our brewery was assembled by German engineers and the equipment was installed by Kaspar Schulz, a well-known company in the world of brewing, which has been taking the lead in building breweries for over three centuries and brews beer according to the oldest Belgian and German recipes.

The highest aquarium in Ukraine with an amazing size and an extraordinary variety of marine life, including sharks.

It is 6.5 meters high and has a volume of 60 tons of water.

The zebra shark Lolo of Malaysian origin is also in our huge aquarium and delights our beloved visitors with its appearance.

A unique transparent piano “EDELWEISS”, independently performing more than 5000 compositions.

It is rumored that this particular instrument was made at Cambridge University and was purchased at an auction in London.

The large open kitchen is freely accessible to our visitors.

Everyone can come and watch how the culinary masterpieces of our restaurant are created.

By the way, if you pay attention, you can see another aquarium with fish in the kitchen.

Children can play and explore the underwater world “upside down” while enjoying watching their favorite cartoons in the real home theater in our children’s room.

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